August 31, 2015
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'He is Risen!' Tomb Craft
You'll need:
sheet of heavy paper,large paper plate,sm. paper plate,black construction paper,yellow construction paper,markers,glue,stapler,brad (paper fastener)

Ahead of time, cut 1/3 off the bottom of the large plate. Have the child color both plates brown (you can also have them paint the plates - but markers are quicker!) Staple the large plate onto the heavy sheet of paper - make sure that the cut part lines up with the bottom of the paper. Next, cut a "tomb opening" out of black construction paper and glue to the plate. Cut a small square out of white paper and write "He Is Risen!" with a marker - then glue to the tomb opening. Attach the small plate (stone in front of the tomb) to the paper by putting the paper fastener through both pieces. Finish off the project by adding a sun, spring flowers and clouds! Be sure to visit our site for a picture of this craft.