February 13, 2016
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(My) Shepherds Bag
You'll need:
colored construction paper,ziplock sandwich bags,stapler and crayons

This is best if the items are pre-cut before you start. This is a Shepherds bag we used to go along with the lesson David and Goliath.

Using construction paper cut a big round bag like shape out. On the bag write Shepherds bag. Have the kids write their names at the top. Ex> 'Davids' Shepherd Bag. Then cut 5 round circles out of construction paper, to represent rocks. We wrote this memory verse on each rock... 1)"The Lord is 2) my rock, 3)my Fortress 4)and my Deliverer" 5)Psalms 18:2 ,Put the rocks into the bags and staple it to the back of the Shepherds bag. When the kids practice the memory verse they pull out the rocks.