January 23, 2019
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A Blooming Thank You!
You'll need:
clay pot,waterproof paint,paper towels,newspaper,paintbrushes,potting soil,flowering pant

First, choose the size of the clay pot you wish to decorate. Cover the table with newspaper to prevent a paint mess and place the pot upon the newspaper. Next, paint the words "Thanks For Helping Us Bloom!" around the rim of the clay pot. Then,take your thumb, dip it into the paint, and press your thumb on the clay pot. Keep on repeating with different colors and space them evenly apart from each other. These will act as the flower centers. Then, have your children or students dip their thumbs into a different color and make thumb prints around the flower centers. Each student can sign their name by his/her own flower when the paint dries. Finish it off by painting leaves with paintbrushes to accent the flowers. Finally, when all the painting is finished, plant a flowering plant of your choice in the clay pot. This makes a great gift for anyone!

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