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March 31, 2015
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A Bunch Of "Turkeys"
You'll need:
cardboard paper,glue,pictures of the kids

I took close up pictures of each individual student the week before, but it's really a good idea to start with the pictures before so that no child is left out.

Cut "feathers" out a cardboard in various colors,cut turkey shaped bodies without the heads, I made mine to look like ovals with legs (front view of the turkey),cut out little "gobblers" out of red construction paper,glue the turkey bodies to the cardboard and then glue the feathers to the body in a semi-circle pattern,then cut the child's picture so that there is only the face and glue the face to the body,glue the "gobblers" to the child's chin,I laminated mine after the kids were finished.

They turned out really cute and the parents loved their "turkeys"!