January 23, 2019
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A Prayer in Your Pocket
You'll need:
Colored Construction Paper,A Cardboard Toilet Paper Tube for each Child,Wrapping Paper,Stapler,Markers,Scissors,Crayons,Glue

Start by cutting the wrapping paper into a size that fits the cardboard tubes. Cut the construction paper in half lengthwise. Fold these pieces in half, and place one inside the other. Staple along the fold to form a book. Write "I pray for my church, my friends, and my family" on the booklet.

Give each child a piece of wrapping paper and a cardboard tube. Have them glue the paper to the cardboard tube. Set them out to dry. Have them draw a picture of their church, friends, and family on each page of their book. Roll up the books and place them in the tube. Have the children slip these in their pocket to take home.

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