January 20, 2019
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Advent Tree
You'll need:
Star Pattern,7" Paper Plates,9 Ounce Green Plastic Cup,12" Chenille Wire,24 Pony Beads Per Child,Yellow Poster Board,Scissors,Hole Punch

Punch two holes opposite each other on the edge of the plate. Use the star pattern to cut a star for each child out of the yellow poster board. Punch a hole in the center.

Give each child a star, paper plate, cup, chenille wire, and 24 beads. Glue the cups upside down to the center of the plate. Put the beads on the chenille wire. Add the star at the end. Twist the chenille wire into the opposite holes of the plate. Slide the star down to the plate and slide all the beads to be on top of the star. Use the advent tree to count the days until Christmas. On the last day slide the star up.

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