January 23, 2019
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Back Pack
You'll need:
small empty laundry soap boxes,collage material,markers,crayons,paint,rope,construction paper,butcher paper

Have the children decorate the top and front of their box. When done measure each child's back to properly place the holes for the rope. You will need two strands of rope for each child. Different children require different sizes. usually about 12-18 inches each rope. The rope will serve as the child's straps for the back pack, so you want to be sure to place the ropes so that the child can wear the back pack safely. You may want to measure before they decorate. This is entirely up to you. After you have measured, place the fours holes accordingly. I use a knife or scissors to cut the holes. You will need a total of four holes, placed in twos...like this:,O O,O O Thread one rope through a top hole and a bottom hole and tie together leaving the knot inside the box. And then do the other side.

When finished this box makes a great back pack for walks and field trips. It allows the children to collect different size objects without the provider having to carry everything!! I love them!!

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