June 18, 2018
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Back To School Magnet
You'll need:
Brown Paper Grocery Sack,ruler,pencil,scissors,acrylic paints in orange yellow and black,black fine tip paint marker,hot glue gun,quilt batting,magnetic strip,clothes pin

cut paper sack in 4 x 6 squares. you will need two squares for each magnet. draw a line across square at 1 inch and 3 1/2 inches. let the kids paint the top (1 inch section) orange, paint the middle section yellow and the bottom section black. Remember to paint both squares. After paint dries, draw a simple outline of a large pencil on the painted side of the papers, make sure the top of the pencil is in the orange and the bottom point is in the black. Or make a cardboard pattern and have the kids trace if they are old enough. cut out the pencil, put hot glue around the outter edges of the plain side of the pencil back and glue the two together, leave a 1 inch area unglued so that you can stuff the pencil with quilt batting. when glue is dry, stuff (over stuff) with batting and then hot glue the remaining edge and clip with clothes pin till dry. Place magent on back and hang on fridge. kids love em!

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