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March 27, 2015
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Butterfly Keeper
You'll need:
One-Half Gallon Juice Box for each Child,One Knee High Stocking for each Child,Coffee Filters,Clothespins,Chenille Wire,Fine Tipped Permanent Marker,Watercolor Paints,Paint Brushes,Twist Ties,Scissors,Glue

Cut away one side of the juice box. Have each child paint a coffee filter. After the coffee filters dry, form butterflies, Spread Glue on the inside closing part of the clothespin. Gather the coffee filter in the center and clamp this inside the clothespin. Fold a piece of 6" chenille wire in half. Place the chenille wire inside the clothespin to form the antennae. Glue in place. Use a marker to make eyes on the butterfly. Place the butterflies in the boxes and pull a stocking up over the box. Use a twist tie to close the top of the stocking.