June 18, 2018
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Candy Wreath
You'll need:
yellow & red construction paper (1 piece of each color for every 4 children),mint chocolate candies wrapped in green foil (about 8 per child),markers,glue,scissors

1. Cut the red and yellow paper in fourths and give one piece of each color to each child. 2. Help the children to cut the yellow piece in a circle or oval. Write a Christmas message or Bible verse about Jesus's birth in the center with the markers. 3. Cut a bow out of the red piece of paper and glue at the top of the yellow circle. 4. Put dots of glue around the outer edge of the yellow circle. 5. Place the green mint candies top down onto the glue spots. The openings of the candies should be facing up.

You now have a candy wreath that can be shared. When you take the candies out, you still have the green wrapper on the wreath. Fold the paper any way you like.

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