June 20, 2018
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Christian Survival kit
You'll need:
decorated small box or container,candle,rubberband,life saver,eraser,cotton ball,Snickers Candy Bar,Hershey's Kisses Hug,Cross

Place the following in your box or container:,*Candle- to remind you to share His light with others. (can use a tea light,candle),*Rubber band- to remind us to be flexible to God's will for us.

*Life saver- to remind you of the many times others have needed your help,and you theirs.

*Eraser- God forgives our sins, we must do the same for ourselves and,others.

*Cotton ball- to keep our hearts soft to God and others,*Snickers candy bar- to remind you to laugh at yourself- laughter is good,medicine.

*Hug (Hershey kiss kind) because we all need one from time to time.

*Cross- to remind you of the sacrifice He made because He loves you.

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