April 22, 2018
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Christmas Tree Growth Chart
You'll need:
Green and Yellow Butcher Paper,Colored Construction Paper,Yarn,Clear Tape,Scissors,Glue

Cut the yellow paper into 1 inch by 3 inch pieces. Cut six green triangles for each child that measure 10 inches on each side. Cut out eight 3 inch circle ornaments for each child. Cut 3 inch by 12 inch strips of brown construction paper.

Give each child a piece of yellow paper, brown paper, and six green triangles. Glue the brown strip of paper to the bottom of the yellow paper. Starting at the bottom of the tree, glue the triangles one on top of the other to the yellow paper. Glue the ornaments to the tree. Fold the top edge of the yellow paper back. Punch two holes on opposite sides of the paper. Lace 2 inches of yarn to the top of the paper to form a hanger. Hold the tree up against the wall and measure the child's height. Place a mark by the ornament that represents the child's height. Write the child's name and the date by the ornament.

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