June 18, 2018
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Clothespin Butterfly
You'll need:
Old fashioned clothespins,white coffee filters,washable markers,spray bottle,pipe cleaners

You'll need the kind of clothespins with no moving parts - just a knob on top and a split up from the bottom of the pin. My bag was labeled "doll pins." Show children that the outer part of the coffee filter will become the butterfly's wings and have them color designs with the markers. They can also add faces to the body of the butterfly. Bunch up the coffee filter and fed it into the groove of the clothespin, then fluff the wings. Lightly spray the wings with water so the colors run slightly. (We used extra time to "fly" the butterflies around the room so they could dry.) Twist a pipe cleaner around the "neck of the butterfly and up into curls to make antennae. We used this craft for a lesson on God's creation.

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