April 22, 2018
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Coffee Filter Butterflies
You'll need:
Coffee Filter (paper),different colors of food coloring,pipe cleaners,Q-tips,4 small paper cups per child

Give each child a coffee filter, 4 small cups, 4 Q-tips, 1 pipe cleaner. Put a few drops of food coloring (each color seperate)in each small cup. Add a small amount of water. This will be their "paint". Lay down newprint(for protection to the table) spread out the coffee filter and have the children dip their Q-tip into the "Paint" and drop it onto the filter. You will notice that the color will spread. They should keep dipping and dropping or painting until the entire filter is covered. Let dry. After the filter is dry gather the filter in the middle and double a pipe cleaner around the middle and twist. Then curl the ends of the pipe cleaner to make the antennae of the butterfly. I sometimes add a magnet on the back with glue and they can hang it on the fridge at home. The kids love doing this craft!

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