April 22, 2018
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Come Follow Me!
You'll need:
Poster Board,Scissors,Pencil,Markers,Glitter,Glue,tape

Our theme for the first Sunday of the new church year in 5-year old Kindergarten was Jesus calling the disciples. The scripture was "Come Follow Me". I made footprints (childsize feet) and also a pair of footprints for Jesus. I glued gold glitter all over "Jesus's shoes" (to make them stand out) and taped them to the wall near the ceiling in one corner. Then I placed all of the disciples feet in a path following Jesus and then all of the preschoolers following along. They all picked their favorite color for their feet and we wrote their name on their feet in magic marker. The feet are so cute going up and down all over one wall --- following Jesus, of course! I used pre-made letters to write "Come Follow Me" on the wall.

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