April 22, 2018
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Count On Us
You'll need:
old card same size old envelopes,construction paper or white paper,glue colors or paints,any old small pictures of flowers or animals from cards or magizines

I wanted our 3 to 6 year old childrens church to learn the adult world of the church. So I ask Pastor to give us the prayer list each week. We keep a running list of prayer needs. Each Sunday we take an old card donated to us and we gave it new life. We cut out pretty things and glue them over the parts of the card that are used.They color and create as I share the requests in thier level of understanding. I teach the children how to love, pray and care about people . The we pray for the people while we make the "priceless" cards. On Mondays I mail the cards or make a visit with a basket of the most adorable cards.I cant wait to get sick and get some!

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