August 30, 2015
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Daddy's Priceless Tie for Father's Day
You'll need:
School photo of Child (or that size photo),Poster Board,Scissors,colored markers,Yarn,Glitter,Glue,Buttons,Beads,Sequins (anything to decorate with),1-hole punch

Ahead of class time, cut out ties from the poster board, about 17" long, and make them much fatter than a normal man's tie - with a knot type shape at the top. (Any color poster board will work, but I used Neon Yellow and White, which the kids seemed to really like.) Have the kids glue their picture in the middle of the tie and then have them write on it and decorate it with glitter, buttons, sequins, anything to sparkle it up will do. Be sure to have them sign and date it. Write "Daddy (or Grandpa), I love you!" Something from their heart. Then we punched holes at the top and strung the yarn through so that dad could actually wear it. The kids were so proud and the dad's really looked proud wearing their new Father's Day ties!