June 20, 2018
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Easter Egg Fantasies
You'll need:
eggs,pencil,sharp scissors,egg dye,glue,beads,glitter,sequins,cotton balls,flower picture ot tiny artificial flowers

Draw an oval shape in pencil on the side of an egg for opening. Use pointed embroidery scissors to cut along the pencil line. Empty the contents of the eggs. Carefully wash out the eggshells and let them dry. You are going to decorate the opening and make a scene inside. They may be used as is, or dipped into egg dye or a food-coloring solution. Or the inside may be one color and the outside another, instead of dipping.

Now begins the fun of decorating. Glue each shell to a circle of plastic sponge or set it on a piece of clay. Decorate the outside with colored sequins, beads, or glitter. Glue a piece of fluffed cotton to the inside bottom. On this, glue a tiny flower picture cut from an old magazine, or use tiny artificial flowers.

Another version with more detail is to create a scene inside the egg. Use cotton and trace cutouts, a sprig of dried grass, a tiny barn, and animals from a picture or greeting card to make your own figures and objects from paper or clay. A scrap of rickrac or braid may be glued around the opening.

Next time make an egg that can be hung up. Glue a tiny piece of cotton at the top, then a length of enbroidery floss or narrow ribbon for the hanger. Cover the cotton with some tiny beads, small colored stones, or a small plastic flower.

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