May 21, 2018
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Easter Egg Surprise!
You'll need:
newspaper,liquid starch,balloon,paint,candy,small toys,candy

Blow up the ballon to egg shape. Pour the liquid starch into a bowl. Tear the newspaper into little pieces. Dip the pieces of newspaper into the liquid starch. Take pieces of the newspaper out of the starch and place them on the balloon until the balloon is completely covered. Put at least two coats of newspaper on the balloon. Do not cover the tie on the end of the balloon. Once the ballon has dried, pop or make a hole in the balloon to let out the air. Pull the balloon out once it has deflated. Fill the hollow shell with candy and small toys. Cover the hole with tissue paper. Then paint the shell in an easter egg color and design with glitter or stickers. This gives the kids cute presents filled with surprises.

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