January 20, 2019
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Easy Christmas Cookies
You'll need:
Small knot pretzels,kisses or brach stars,m@m's

This simple recipe can be made with even the smallest of hands with just a little help. While one "helper" is spreading out one layer of pretzles on a cookie sheet, another can be taking the wrappers off the kisses. The Kisses or Stars, then need to be placed on top of the pretzles. Bake for only 2 minutes in a preheated 350 degree oven, or until the chocolate is soft. Top each "cookie" with an M&M..( a job for an adult or an older child since the pan will be hot) Let harden ( pop in the freezer for a quick set up) Then enjoy ! or package some to deliver to a friend... Quick, and yummy !!!

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