June 18, 2018
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Encouraging Heart
You'll need:
construction paper,old magazines,scissors,yarn,glue,hole puncher

Fold a piece of construcion paper in half long ways. draw a half of heart on one side and then cut it out. It will be the shape of a whole heart. Then have the kids look thru old magazines and find pictures of ways they can encourage someone or how someone is encouraging others. (e. a picture of a man and his daughter fishing together.) glue about 3-4 pictures in the heart. Write the word ENCOURAGE down the canter of the heart. ( we also had a memory verse to go with this.) ("KEEP YOUR TOUNGE FROM EVIL" PSALMS 34:13) Punch holes at the top of the heart on both sides. string the yarn thru the holes long enough for them to put it around the neck as a necklace. Tie knots at the end of the string and let them encourage others with their heart!

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