April 22, 2018
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Entry Into Jerusalem Skit
You'll need:
Lots of children!!,Palm branches,coats,Bible

I am not sure if you can or will want to use this but I did this in my BYF class last week and the kids got a big kick out of it. This goes with the lesson of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem. I used the scripture lesson in Matthew 26. You will need at least 5 children to have acting parts, plus several to be the multitude. I got our teen class to come in and be our "multitude." They all really enjoyed it, too.

You need:,palm branches from your local florist (very cheap),children with coats,Jesus,2 disciples,1 donkey (should be two),1 donkey/colt owner,The key is to go over the lesson, telling about Jesus instructing his disciples to go into the city, and there they will find a donkey (and colt). If anyone should stop them, tell them the Lord hath need of it. Then have the disciples bring back the donkey(s) and place their coat(s) upon its back and then have Jesus sit upon the colt. At this point, your multitude (some of which are already with Jesus and some of which come out from Jerusalem) will place their coats and palm branches down for Jesus to ride over. They will be shouting "Hosana to the Son of David" "Hosana in the highest" and so forth.

Once you get the children into position and go over their lines, this is a very quick skit. The whole thing only takes about 15 minutes, including prep time. This allows you to ask questions afterward about what just took place or even do it again giving different children the opportunity to play a role.

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