June 18, 2018
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Epiphany Party
You'll need:
invitations,boxes to decorate,poster board,buttons,noodles,paints,glitter

Invite your children's friends over for an Epiphany Party to celebrate the Wise Men's arrival. Let your chidren decorate invitations with crowns to send out to their friends. Besides the usual information, ask the children to bring the wise men from their nativity sets to the party. Collect boxes (shoe boxes or small gift wrap boxes work well) to decorate as their treasure boxes. Have the boxes painted and let the children decorate with buttons, colored noodles, glitter, and anything else you have. We used a crown we got from a fast food restaurant to use as a template to make crowns for each kid out of cardboard. Draw maps that detail the path the kids can let their wise men "travel" to get to Jesus. Make the food simple and enjoy this special day!

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