June 18, 2018
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Fishes and Loaves
You'll need:
canned biscuts ,construstion paper,paper plates,(Giant Goldfish Crackers,if desired)

Roll can biscuits in the shape of a loaf of bread. (This is easy to do in your hand) Back as directed on biscuit container. Fold paper plate in half and staple around the edge to make basket. Allow the children to decorate their baskets. Add a handle using a strip of construction paper and stapling it to each side. You can add your memory verse to the front of the basket. Cut out several shapes of fishes.(If the childern are older the can cut out their own.) Give each child a couple loaves you have baked and some fish. The can pretend to pass out the loaves and fishes to the rest of the class. They also have a good snack. You can substitute the paper fish for the giant goldfish crackers sold at most grocery stores.

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