August 28, 2016
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Fishing for Taxes
You'll need:
giant size cardboard,paints,paintbrush,construction paper,staples,chocolate coins,crayons,scissors,small fishing pole,line,enough magnets for each fish and the fishing pole.

1. Cutout fish on construction paper, then staple two together - leaving mouth open to put a chocolate coin in the fish.

2. A magnet needs to be glued onto the fish near the mouth.

3. Put a chocolate coin inside each fish.

4. Rig up the fishing pole - but use a magnet instead of a hook.

5. Create a wall with the giant cardboard. Paint it to look like a shore with a lake.

6. After the story of the disciple catching a fish to pay for Taxes, let each child catch a fish and keep the chocolate coin.

This is an excellent way for the kids to remember this story.

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