June 18, 2018
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Fruit of the Spirit
You'll need:
Large piece of white paper,various colors of paint (Color of fruit),Pieces of fruit: Oranges,apples,grapes,strawberries,lemons,pears

*Can be used for a bulletin board or paper to take home.

*For bulletin board, use a large white piece of bulletin board paper. Draw or make a large brown fruit basket in the middle. Write the title "Fruit of the Spirit" on top. Have the children print with the various pieces of fruit in and around the basket. Write the words "patience, goodness, peace, joy, kindness, self-control, gentleness, love, & faithfulness" on the pieces of fruit or around the basket.

*For individual papers, give each child a piece of fruit and have them print on their paper. When dry, write a word (listed above) on each piece of fruit.

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