September 1, 2015
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God's Protection Umbrella
You'll need:
Tissue paper,Glue Markers,scissors,construction paper,posterboard

This is a group project. Form a large umbrella shape with poster board (That part we need to be a bit creative with ~the children can have many different shaped umbrellas) cut/or leave a slit at the top. Then cut a J - shaped piece of poster board slide through slit and tape the top edges down. This is the handle!,Have the children cut different shapes of construction paper to write the following messages (or you can have them printed out and glue onto the construction paper):,Jesus Calms the Storm:,Mark 4:37-41,God gives you the comfort and encouragement you need.

Proverbs:3:27,2 Corinthians:1-3,Prayer will help you.

Matthew 6:6,Persisent prayer gets quick justice.

Luke18:7-8,God will never leave you.

Psalms9:7,(and let the biggest shape read:),God will lead you through every storm!!!!,Proverbs 3:27,Tear pieces of tissue paper and glue them down to fill the remaining white spots! Have fun making "God's Protection Umbrella"!,Note from Angela: I have to tell you I loved this website! I wanted to teach the children that God will protect us and even when we feel like everything is coming down on us .... God is still protecting us! I wanted to "build a shield" to protects us from all the negatives that fall our way! I gathered all of the information for this idea from this site!!!! Tomorrow when I teach our class we will not only learn all of those verses but we will have fun doing it! I've definitely added this site to my favorites and thanked God that I found you! I just couldn't leave the site without sharing what I have learned from you!!! Thank you so very much!