September 5, 2015
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Goin' to the Jordan River
You'll need:
Group of Children

Bible Story "2 Kings 5:1-15" Naaman is healed in the Jordan River.

This fun activity represents Naaman's trip to the Jordan River. It is chanted the same as "Goin' on a Bear Hunt".

Teacher: "Goin'to the Jordan River." (Pat hands on legs to make walking sound.),Kids: Repeat,Teacher: "I'm not tired." (Continue patting hands & shake head no.),Kids: Repeat,Teacher: "What's that?" (Point.),Kids: Repeat,Teacher: "Tall Grass." (Hold hands high.),Kids: Repeat,Teacher: "We can't go over it." (Shake head no & arch arms up.),Kids: Repeat,Teacher: "We can't go under it." (Shake head no & arch arms down.),Kids: Repeat,Teacher: "We'll have to go through it." (Shake head yes.),Kids: Repeat,Teacher & Kids: "Swish, Swish" (Pretend to walk through the tall grass.),Repeat and replace with the following:,A furry donkey. (Pretend to ride. "Clip, clop"),The deep dark woods. (Ooo, it's dark. Ooo, It's dark),Gooey Mud. (Pretend to walk in mud. Squish, squash),The Jordan River! (Splash 7 times. One, two, three),Teacher: "We're cured! Let's hurry home." (Quickly repeat all the actions. Start with the gooey mud and end at home.),Teacher: "Hi, I'm home!" Thank you little servant girl for telling me about God!