April 22, 2018
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Hatch a Chick
You'll need:
eggs,stiff paper,pencil,scissors

Use a boiled or blown-out egg for the body. On a fold of stiff paper, draw and cut out a chick head and neck, and a tail. The part that touches the fold should be left uncut. Glue the neck to the eggs, leaving the feather ends free. Glue the tail into place. Cut small teardrop-shaped feathers from the stiff paper. Glue only the pointed end to the egg, inserting them under the neck feathers and so on down the body. No feathers are needed on the bottom. After the glue has dried, carefully bend out each feather, and you'll find your chick can stand without tipping over. You may want to dye the egg yellow and use yellow stiff paper.

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