August 29, 2015
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Joseph's Edible Coat Of Many Colors.
You'll need:
1 slice of bread,food coloring,yogurts (as many colors as you want),new paint brushes,a knife,toaster oven.

Take a piece of white bread, and using a knife or cookie cutter, cut a coat shape.

Cut a small V out of the top, (neck hole)..leave rounded corners for shoulder and sleeves. Cut out under the armpit area diagonally down to the bottom on both sides.

Use various yogurts like, Lime (green), cherry (red), Blueberry (purple), Lemon (yellow),...and add extra drops of food coloring to enhance the color of yogurts to use for paint.

Paint Joseph's Coat of many colors with colored yogurts using new paint brushes.

Lightly toast in toaster oven.

Eat and enjoy.