April 22, 2018
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Lettuce Salad Boat
You'll need:
A piece of bread,Butter or margarine,2 lettuce leaves,1 slice of ham,1 tomato,1 apple,1 piece of cheese,Cucumber,2 cherry tomatoes,A plastic knife,1 plate,1 cocktail stick

1. Butter the piece of bread and put it on the plate.

2. Place a piece of ham and a lettuce leaf on top.

3. Put the slice of cheese on the piece of bread then put the apple slices and tomato slices around it.

4. Cut two pieces of cucumber about 12cm long and halve them lengthways. Put them on the sides of the sandwich boat. Use adult supervision when using a sharp knife.

5. Thread a leaf of lettuce onto a cocktail stick and stand it in the middle of the sandwich boat to make a sail.

6. Wash the cherry tomatoes and put 1 on each side of the sail.

Tip:,If you do not have a cocktail stick, a toothpick or a small straw could work.

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