August 27, 2015
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Lil' Drummer Boy
You'll need:
1/2 Paper Towel tube,green,red,and white felt,wiggle eyes,buttons or felt balls,small styrofoam ball,glue,scissors

Cover tube with white felt. Place a small piece or red felt around top of the tube leaving a small amount of white at the top. Place a green piece of felt around the bottom of the tube, then leave a white space then add a red piece of felt. Glue three felt buttons or regular buttons in the center of roll. Take a red piece of felt and wrap around styrofoam ball. Take a small piece of felt and place on top of styrofaom ball to make the hat hang in front of eyes. Glue styrofoam ball onto the tube. Add wiggle eyes and small piece of red felt for mouth. You can glue a piece of felt to the top of the tube and hang from tree. These are easy for the kids to make and you can keep them for years!