June 18, 2018
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Mothers Day Bunnies
You'll need:
1 sheet lightweight paper,1 sheet construction paper any color,crayons ,paint,or markers,cotton balls,glue,scissors

Have the children color or paint the lightweight paper any way they would like. Have them (or do it yourself it they're too young)draw a simple pattern of a bunny on that paper, cut it out ,and glue it to the piece of construction paper. Glue on the cotton ball as a tail. Have them (or you)write on the paper the following saying "My love for you will never fail, as long as the bunny has his tail. Makes a great Mother's Day gift. I have a home daycare and my children are all from 1 to 22 months.They colored the papers, I cut the bunnies out and they helped glue on the parts.

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