January 22, 2018
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Paper Plate Charactor Masks and Bible Story Plays
You'll need:
paper plates,glue,yarn,construction paper,scissors,markers,crayons

Choose a story from the Bible...

Example "Daniel and the Lions Den",Use the paper plates to make a lion mask, daniel mask, or angel mask, kings mask etc.

Take the paper plates and cut holes for the childrens eyes, glue yarn for the mane of the lions and brown paper for the face of the lion and the whiskers, make a crown for the king, a halo for the angel etc. Attach to the childrens faces with string and have them play act the story out as you read it to the class. They really love this and makes them remember it a lot better. Other great stories to do with this are...

Noah's ark (using two of animals), David and Goliath (have children make armor out of plates) , Moses (long white beard with yarn on the plate), Samson and Delilah (have long hair of yarn that they can cut off).

Have fun with it and let the kids make their own and have fun play acting.

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