April 22, 2018
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Pilgrim Hat Thanksgiving Cup
You'll need:
small plastic or paper cup,black yarn,black - gray and red felt,lightweight cardboard or posterboard,glue,scissors

Cut the bottom out of the paper cup. Cover the outside of the cup with glue and wrap the cup with black yarn until it is completely covered. Set aside to let dry.

Cut a 6 inch circle from the lightweight cardboard or poster board. Cut a 6-inch circle from the black felt. Glue the felt piece to the lightweight cardboard piece. This will be the hat brim.

Glue the wide edge of the paper cup to the felt side of the hat brim. Make sure the cup is centered on the hat brim. Cut a piece of gray felt that will fit around brim. Glue the blue felt piece around the cup above the hat brim. Cut a small red buckle out of the red felt. Glue the red buckle over the blue band in the front of your hat.

You can place a piece of paper by everyones plate before diner and have them write what they are thankful for and place in the hat. Then, before dinner is served have each person draw out of the hat and read from the paper. This works well with small children who need help with prayer time at Thanksgiving.

Now you can fill your hat with treats and place it at the table for your Thanksgiving evening or use to decorate for fall.

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