June 20, 2018
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Pumpkin Cereal Treats
You'll need:
3 tbsp butter,10 oz white marshmallows,20 drops yellow liquid food color,10 drops red liquid food color,6 cups toasted rice cereal,misc decorating things

Melt butter and marshmallows over low heat in a 6 quart pot. Add food coloring and stir well. Add cereal and stir together. Spray hands with cooking spray and form a small pumpkin shaped ball. Insert thumb print into top to form the stem. Let stand a few minutes to start to harden on wax paper. You will need to spray your hands with butter before starting a new pumpkin shaped ball. Once all your pumpkin shaped balls are made add your eyes, mouth etc. using candies, gum, taffy or whatever you have around the house! Once dry place in zip-lock bags to keep fresh! This is fun, easy and the kids love to eat them!!

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