June 18, 2018
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Silly Face Fall Bagels
You'll need:
cream cheese, black olives, candy corn, sliced bologna, plastic knife, scissors, small bagels

Before the child comes to the table have bologna slices cut in half, a small cup of 4 olives, and a 1/2 cup of cream cheese in a bowel and a small cup of 4-5 pieces of candy corn ready for the child to use.

First, Open the bagel and have the child spread on a layer of cream cheese.

Close bagel.

Have child cut the olives in half.

Have child spread cream cheese on cut side of 2 olives. This acts as glue.

Have the child press the olives to the top front of the bagel to look like eyes.

Next, have the child cut the sliced bologna to look like an oval. This is the tongue!

Press one end of the tounge into the center hole of the bagel. Lock it in place with a piece of candy corn.

So now your bagel should have olive eyes, a bologna tounge and a candy corn nose.

The extra stuff is for your child to munch on while making the bagels. Because you know they will!!!

Serve and enjoy!!!

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