June 20, 2018
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Story Telling
You'll need:
scripture story,audience

This can work with nearly every scripture story from Noah to Jonah to Moses and more. Before beginning to tell the actual story, tell the children you have a job for them to do while you are telling the story.

For example: Every time I say the word "baby" I need you to pretend to rock a baby in your arms. Every time I say the word "pharoah" I want you to fold your arms like you are in charge. Every time I say the word "army or soldiers" I want you to salute, etc.

The age of the children will determine how many tasks you can expect of them. Quiz them by saying each 'special' word and see if they remember the action that goes with that word. When everyone is ready, begin the story.

As you tell the story, make the motions yourself and the children will make them too. Be sure to choose words that will be repeated often on the story. Its amazing to see how well even the smallest of children will listen with this activity. No props or special equipment necessary. Simply relate a well known scripture story, ,(all of us should know a few by heart!)choose a few key words to put into action and GO!

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